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No games necessary.”Like in the real world, it seems not all users swim through the application with precisely the same set of expectations.

As Ben himself had quickly discovered, far more girls using Tinder around Israel are there to find a serious relationship than he had anticipated, perhaps reflecting an altogether more conservative or traditional disposition among Israelis in comparison to other cultures.

“I didn’t want to waste time on Tinder talking to guys who are out looking for a fling,” reveals Sharon.

“The purpose of JSwipe is far clearer to all its users and its culture is geared completely toward serious dating.”Danielle, 29, disagrees entirely.

The user browses through the various profiles and sweeps either right or left – to express interest, or lack thereof, in chatting with the profile’s owner.

“When I was playing around in my twenties, I never really turned to online dating platforms or applications.

When I shifted gears toward looking for a serious partner, I suddenly realized how difficult it is to find someone who fits the right profile; and then Tinder became a useful tool.”Perhaps to eliminate this ambivalence of the smartphone- dating experience altogether, yet another application has risen in popularity over the past year, and has already won significant traction around Israel.

Ben (a pseudonym), 22 and from Tel Aviv, has no qualms admitting that he uses Tinder solely for the sake of casual encounters with the opposite sex.“It makes it dramatically easier to find a partner for the night,” he explains.

“Not only can you reach out to more girls around the city through the application, but most people feel much more comfortable in saying exactly what it is they are looking for, when they are protected behind their screens.

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If the two users both swiped right, they can start chatting. On the face of it, Tinder is a general-purpose social platform and makes no explicit mention of serving as a dating app.

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